Your Vision. Our Expertise.

When you shake hands with Quiniscoe, we’ve only just begun.


You’ll be intimately involved in every step — through the design, the build, and beyond. We consider our clients key players in the success of every project.

With our lines of communication always open, we’ll link arms with you for the entire process to ensure that all your desires are realized — even as they evolve.

After all, we’re building your family’s sanctuary. Exceptional is our standard, and we engineer it to be uniquely yours.

Building excellence

At Quiniscoe, we’re committed to building excellence and efficiency into every detail of your new home.

Your Quiniscoe home turns heads. It’s the reason people drive down your street. It is the epitome of elegance.

But even more importantly, your home is built with industry-leading knowledge and advanced building science. We carefully implement the most energy-efficient systems and cutting-edge technologies into the construction of your home. Our houses are comfortable, durable, and built to last lifetimes.

Visually, the architects we work with aim for nothing short of a masterpiece. Careful attention is paid to scale and proportion, and we balance simplicity with luxury, timelessness with modernity.

Our commitment to value is unparalleled. We understand that value is far more than aesthetics and luxury, although it can be that, too. To us, it means truly fulfilling the potential of your investment, utilizing only the highest-calibre features, and letting your home work for you.

There’s precision in our process.

From site selection to interior design, and every step in between, your dream is at the forefront of everything we do.

If you already have a property chosen, we’ll thoughtfully inspect it with our architect to ensure that we fulfill the site’s highest potential.

Nothing selected yet? No problem. We’ll work with you to find the ideal property that suits your vision and family’s needs.

From there, we dive into planning and design. You’ll be involved at every step, to ensure that your home is even better than you imagined.

For over 20 years, we have worked closely with the well-respected architectural firm Site Lines, who are leaders in contemporary mountain architecture. However, if you already have an architect in mind, that’s great! We’ll be happy to meet with them to see if their values and vision align with ours.

Once plans and designs are complete and permits are granted, we’ll break ground. As the foundation is poured and framing goes up, we’ll start to advise as you refine your decisions regarding flooring, cabinets, and more — so that when the time comes to install them, we’re crystal clear on what you’ll love most.

At this point, interior and exterior work is finished, heating and cooling systems are installed, roofing and flooring is completed, and any final inspections with building authorities take place. You’ll start to clearly see what your new dream home looks like. During this time, if you decide to make any changes to your choices for the design details, we’ll adjust as needed to make these happen.

Finally, our skilled finishing carpenters will put the last gorgeous touches on your new home. We’ll get to work on landscaping and, if you so choose, interior design and decor.

We provide top-rated, consistent warranty coverage aligned with the respected team of professionals at Travelers.

Let's Build Together

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