Quiniscoe Homes 20/20: Continued commitment to excellence, and a revitalized vision for the future.

A one-of-a-kind home in the Columbia Valley is the ideal setting for your most cherished family memories, for generations to come.

A story that special deserves award-winning design and thoughtful craftsmanship. With over 30 years experience at the forefront of luxury homebuilding, we pride ourselves in bringing you and your family the highest-calibre home. We work with you, as a team.

Welcome to the Quiniscoe Family.

We build more than luxury mountain homes in the Columbia Valley and beyond — we build relationships. Both are of the highest quality, and both are built to last.

We’re committed to our customers, employees, and community — and we work hard to ensure that the foundation of trust that these connections are founded on remains strong.

To us, nothing is more important than family, and when you choose to work with Quiniscoe, you join ours. We work with you as your trusted partners, advisors, and friends — and together, we’ll co-create your vision. From our first conversation, through the integrated design process and every step of your build, we’ll walk with you.

When you turn the key for the first time in your freshly-finished home, you’ll feel the joy of your vision becoming a reality, and the peace that comes from knowing you have a team at Quiniscoe who will stay by your side for years to come, ready to lend a helping hand with anything your home needs.

Georgie Awards® Winner

Georgie Awards® hosted by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia (CHBA BC) has been in the running for 30 years. With immense success at celebrating excellence in home building, it proudly continues to raise the bar for residential construction projects across the province of British Columbia.

It all begins with visionary design.

We work with esteemed designers and architects to bring your dream home from concept to construction. Our close collaboration with your home’s architect ensures that design and build are seamless and integral.

Many of our homes are designed by Site Lines Architecture. Gord Klassen and his highly-experienced team are leaders in contemporary mountain architecture, and we enjoy a close working relationship that’s founded on mutual admiration and a high level of trust.

Whether we work with Site Lines or a different firm, we understand the precision and care that goes into your home’s design — and we aim to execute every detail of it with excellence.

Our team is highly experienced, and we continually expand our education and invest in advanced training. We pride ourselves in staying on the leading edge of our industry, and adhere to the best practices and highest standards in modern homebuilding.

Want to meet the team behind the excellence?

You were made for the mountains.

The Columbia Valley offers a lifestyle that’s hard to beat. Spend a morning on world-renowned ski slopes, or a summer afternoon waterskiing, golfing, or lounging on the lakeshore. Explore endless trails on your mountain bike, or take the whole family for a hike to new elevations.

This is your backyard. It’s a place that will enhance your connection to nature and support your whole wellbeing. With a home that celebrates the mountain lifestyle in its very design, you’ll do more than just see it — you get to live it.